Entry Questions

How much does the entry fee cost (per entry)?

Super Early Bird: € 90 per wine
Early Bird: € 120 per wine
Regular Pricing: €140 per wine

What are the shipping options and where to ship?

Please send your wine samples (3 bottles per entry)

The delivery address will be informed by e-mail. Please contact macy@chinawinecompetition.com

Goods receiving time: Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Are there any extensions to deadlines?

Not usually, but please call the office on 

USA Office: +1 855 481 1112

Can you tell me about the deadlines?

Please visit key deadlines and pricing for more information

Can I pay entry fees using my own currency? 

All CWC Invoices are issued in EURO, however, you are welcome to pay the equivalent amount in your local currency for your convenience. We recommend you refer to a currency conversion website like http://www.xe.com/ for today's rates.

Samples and Shipping

When do I need to ship samples and what are the deadlines?

Please see the shipping instructions for the full details. Please send your wine samples (3 bottles per entry).

Details of the warehouse is in the Shipping Label when logged in to the account.

Goods receiving time: Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

How many bottles per entry do we need to send?

3 bottles of each entry along with a copy of your entry form. Clearly mark ‘Sample Material - Not For Resale - Glass Enclosed’ on the outer carton/s. Include a copy of the completed submission form in the shipment even if submitted online.

Where do we send my samples? 

Please see the shipping instructions.

Can I deliver samples in person?

China Wine Competition recommends shipping samples, but it is also possible for you to organize delivery direct to our warehouse. Please send your wine samples (3 bottles per entry). The delivery address will be informed by e-mail. 

Goods receiving time: Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

How do we know CWC received the samples?

Please email macy@chinawinecompetition.com to inquire about the status of your samples if you have any questions.

Our samples did not arrive in time/were late for the CWC competition. They are on hold by customs/damaged by courier//late to arrive. Can we still send our samples? 

For the CWC Judges to taste your products it is essential they arrive in time. If your samples do not arrive in time for the CWC, they will not be able to be blind tasted, or placed by the Judges.

Where can I print an address label on the website?

Log in > Manage entries > print shipping label

Invoice and billing questions 

How will my invoice be sent to me?

If you haven’t received your invoice within 2 weeks, please contact macy@chinawinecompetition.com

Do we need to pay taxes and duties?

Yes, you need to raise the documents to ship with all charges being billed back to you.

Login Questions:

I don't have an account with CWC, can I still enter it?

Yes, please create your account here. It will help you manage your entries, track your samples and market your wins.

Forgot my password?

Use the link 'password retrieval' function and we will send you your username and email.

Results and Winners

How will I be informed of my results? 

Via email and your results will be also uploaded to your account.

What do winners receive from the CWC?

A certificate, logos and stickers, and an online marketing toolkit. Everything is Digital and available on the website, with No Physical/ hard copy.

How do I order stickers/artwork? 

You can order from your account area

Where are my stickers? 

Please contact Brian via email at brian@beveragetradenetwork.com or call us on +1 855 481 1112

How will the award benefit my brand? 

Our marketing team will send you a free toolkit on how to promote your win, PR campaign, and social media. It will also include how CWC will be promoting your brand all year round.


Printing Labels and Rights


We are printing the CWC License to Print. What are the Charter Colours to give to our Printer?

CWC medals are designed and printed in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key-black) colors onto Silver Metallic Foil. For further orders kindly refer to the sticker shop.

Are CWC Medal Sticker Price and CWC License to print the same? 

The purpose of License to Print was primarily arranged for the convenience of Winners that have larger quantities of bottles to add their CWC Medals. 

Large scale usage of License to Print enables Winners to save manpower to add to all bottles by hand and/or they can arrange their printing more efficiently without needing to find a machine that can attach stickers with the exact dimensions that CWC Medals are issued at, can be time-consuming/not easily accessible.

CWC Medal showcases winning wines and spirits to buyers who are seeking the all-important CWC stamp of approval. Whether you are the Producer, Distributor, Importer, or Retailer, now is your chance to celebrate and boost sales. CWC Winners choose what is more convenient for them to enhance their sales - and order Medal Stickers or the License to Print here...

Order of Medal sticker

On your first order (only) of medal stickers, we'll add 1 roll as a complimentary. Once the order is placed, the order shall be delivered in 2-3 weeks depending upon the order. At times it may take longer due to stock, customs.

Shipping of stickers will be through Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. For fast delivery, additional charges would apply by contacting the competition team.

Orders placed will not be refunded. Orders returned will not be refunded and additional shipping costs would apply for re-shipping.

What are the usage rights to CWC Medal artwork?

Is there a restriction on what we can use the artwork for? Shall we purchase the License to Print? 

Winners are welcome to use the CWC artwork on marketing materials related to the winning products with no restrictions if it's used for marketing material, presentations, websites, press releases, trade shows, and any other marketing purpose.

For usage of the CWC materials on Bottles or Packaging/Boxes, winners order either CWC Medal Stickers or the CWC License to Print. Both have no time limit to usage and are based on the quantity ordered. Order yours here

General Questions

When and where will the judging take place?

Judging will start at 10 am on Nov 20, 2022, at The Place, China which is located at Unit 407, Bridge 8, 457 Jumen Road Phase IV, Huangpu District | Shanghai 200023 | China

Who are your judges? 

Please see the China Wine Competition Judges section.

I’d like to take part in the judging. How do I apply?

If you’re a trade buyer with a minimum buying experience of 3 years, you are very welcome to apply to be a judge. Please send your details to info@chinawinecompetition.com and we’ll give you more details about how to get involved.

Have further questions?

Please call +1 855 481 1112 or email info@chinawinecompetition.com.